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Variety is a benefit –
Making diversity work
to create new ideas and better solutions

teams international integrates top-level personnel from abroad into your company, helping you develop innovative teams and a dynamic, effective working culture.

Coaching • Team development • Integrated language training
Your company employs, for example, German and French management personnel and specialists. But you are having problems with teamwork. Misunderstandings and minor irritations are increasing friction and lowering productivity. The end result is that your company is under-achieving.
Are you familiar with the following scenario?

The meeting of the German-French team is underway. The joint project has come to a standstill. New ideas and solutions are needed. While the French colleagues want to discuss the problem openly, then see what solution presents itself, the Germans are already drumming their fingers on the conference table, anxious to get down to work. It seems impossible to reconcile these instincts: brainstorming versus action plan; composure versus thirst for action. The French colleagues feel pressurized by the Germans' insistence on a definite plan of action, and feel their team spirit and creative initiatives are not being recognized. The Germans, on the other hand, are convinced that a structured, objective plan is the best way to achieve their goal. There's little room for small talk or personal conversation. And if the team also includes colleagues from the USA, China or Eastern Europe, the situation can become even more explosive. Each side is convinced that only their approach makes sense and will ultimately deliver success. People thus become entrenched in their positions, engendering distrust and a sense of detachment. They manage to agree on a further meeting, but all confidence in agreement has evaporated.

What needs to happen so that all parties emerge from the next meeting satisfied and confident in the future of the project?
How can you achieve that goal?
Certain questions can point the way

What cultural experiences influence the employees and executive staff?
e.g., status vs. equality, person-centred approach vs. task-centred approach, action vs. reaction, etc.

As a result, what values are important to them?
e.g., team spirit vs. structure, composure vs. planning, diplomacy vs. directness, etc.

What advantages can be gained from the different approaches and mentalities?
e.g., flexibility, promptness, complexity, calmness under pressure, innovation, etc.

How can I establish a trusting, cooperative team?
e.g., through mutual appreciation, information, exchange, positive feedback, etc.

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